My Disparate Sense of Right and Wrong


So my mind is baffled for which I’ll only be able to ask questions and not even begin to have the confidence to attempt any answers in the following.

Have we tried to make our character as a species an intellectual conversation?  And is it even possible that we have been going about the conversation in a very disconnected way? Like, we have maybe been trying to water the plant with milk and are perplexed as to why it dies.

We all walk around with an innate sense of what we feel to be right and wrong and are governed by what we feel to be our one true moral compass.  We have a true north that we know is the one right way in which our world spins on its axle.  We even can have a fellow tribe that feels the same gravitational pull as we do.  You can have a group of five people stand in a circle in a valley and agree that the sun rises behind that mountain and sets behind that other one every single day and therefor you all universalize that that’s the truth of where your little world begins and ends.  The only problem is that there can be another little clan of people living in a neighboring valley on the other side of that mountain where the sun rises who would argue with you that it’s the mountain the sun sets behind.  Well you’re both right, right?  You both can find a thousand ways to argue about your little worlds which are really tiny little spreads on the grander scheme of whats out there and that you both belong to whether you like it or not.  And the problem is that you both would be right in your fighting.

So do you see what I mean?  Like that weird little example, have we failed to see that in our arguments of what is right and wrong that we are failing by the degree to which we are keeping the content at an intellectual level versus what the spiritual reality might be?  Is it really small minded to hope for and feel that there is indeed one gravitational pull that pulls all of our souls to one source?  That there is something deeper to all of us which has a sense of what our character should be?

This would be the worse essay to submit to a professor back when I was attempting college because I literally have no conclusion aside from asking questions.  Have you ever considered how you have defended and argued the issue of character in your idea of humanity?  Are you trying to resolve what is right and wrong by your intellectual capacity to do so?  Do you feel that we all can accept our little worlds of understanding and be okay with accepting the notion of, “Well if it feels right to you than it must be right”?  Would you be confident in that reasoning if you were having a conversation with the man just a few minutes before he walked into a club in Orlando and killed all those people just a few months ago?

I know those are too many questions without any conclusions which might seem cowardly on my part.  But there you have it!

With so much love,


Author: sara1990mt

I value reflection on the lessons learned from fly fishing and seek parallels drawn with my experiences in marriage, relationship and navigating life as the woman I am. Fly fishing is a gift I enjoy sharing with others and encouraging them to enjoy it as much as I do. My stories are simple and my candor isn't always eloquent but if you can relate to life as I do than I hope you enjoy.

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