Not Needed But Valued

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Last week I dabbled in the idea that we need to question ourselves on our motivations of being needed by others.  Do we do it to satisfy our own desires to look needed and fill voids within ourselves or do we do it to actually meet the needs of the world around us?  Before you read on please check out my previous blog post.

Today I want to think about the flip side of what is always needed by every person with a heart beat.

After my blog post from last week I felt like a followup was required.  When we let go of needing validation by feeling needed by others it comes hand in hand with realizing what the world otherwise needs from us constantly.  It’s not about making people feel good all the time or to only give what is needed only when help is asked of you.  It’s about relentlessly doing what you can to elevate the good.  I’m not among those with the greatest wisdom in literally all subjects touching this issue (I just talk a lot) but I do feel compelled to comprehend what it means to truly fulfill need in a manner of pure intent that authentically is well for the soul.

What if truly helping others without bias, favoritism and out of the sincerity to love starts with being intentional with seeing the value of people.  Can you make a career out of valuing people?  Not always but you can value people despite of the condition of your relationships, vocational satisfaction and all the other big ones that keep us blinking at the ceiling at night.  It goes along with that incredible statement to “Do good anyway”.

A fine example of someone who relentlessly seeks to see the value of people is my mother.  She owns a fine dining establishment with which there’s incredible success and yet the struggles that are inherent with owning a small business; and a predominant challenge is dealing with people.  I can easily look at her and make my judgments of how I “could do it better” or “solve that problem” but unlike my mother I’m the one who isn’t in the arena (please check out Theodore Roosevelt’s except titled “The Man in the Arena” to better understand that reference).  As a small business owner in the dining industry she sees staff depart unexpectedly and without notice despite of her effort to create an excellent work environment.  On the other hand most of her staff have a pitbull-like loyalty to her as a boss and declare they’ve never been treated with a higher caliber of respect comparing to hers.  I’ve often looked at her and observed what it is that makes her magnetic as an employer.  What I’ve realized that she is unrelenting with seeing the good in people and finding value despite of failings.  Though she might have a dishwasher unexpectedly not show up and she has to jump in to bridge the gap during the dinner rush she never stops in seeing good in people.  My knee jerk response would be say that there’s no good to be seen in that person anymore for screwing over the evening.  She chooses to “do good anyway” though she knows that again she will have to deal with the same struggles of people tomorrow.  She has a humility and recognition for why people walk broken and how their brokenness acts out.  Throughout her growing years she had to survive the broken road which raised her into loving people relentlessly.  She’s the energizer bunny in always finding the good and seeing the value.

There’s few people like my mother.  Few who maintain a high view of people and fill the need to recognize others value.  I think we all can easily value people who don’t hurt us and discard the ones who do.  We make little space for being needed by those we feel don’t deserve us (and you have to create boundaries for these kinds often).  What if we can’t give up on seeing value?  What if that’s how we always can fill one of the many needs of our broken world?  It starts with your spouse, children, workplace and community.  When we think about how we can’t stop seeing the good it’s an impossible mountain to climb but one we must if we’re to love people the way we’re called to love them.

This might all sound superfluous when you have real people who are difficult, uncooperative and aggravating to manage in life.  But it’s on you to not forget that they have a profound purpose by being alive and even if you can’t change the condition of their behavior/character you can choose to maintain your own by seeking the good within them.  To improve the condition of the world you must start how you inherently choose to perceive it.

Fill the need by speaking good into others.  Authentically find the unique way they’re called to fill the gap and find to opportunity to tell them of it.  People don’t respond to critical words a fraction as well as they do to being praised.  Give them something to aspire to by recognizing when they’re doing their best.  You don’t have to flatter but open your eyes to what they offer.  Try this in your relationships and see what happens.  Aspire to be someone who makes others well by seeing the light in them.

Thank you for reading the rambling,


Maybe You’re Not Needed?


I just put down a book and ran to my keyboard to process a thought from the author that caused an explosion in my brain.  In it he begged the question of how we need to stop the pursuit of feeling needed.

As a person who I just now realize is needy about being needed this hit me like a baseball bat.  I just now recognize I often tend to chase after pursuits that makes me feel needed.  I don’t think I’m alone here and this temptation can be evident in our friendships, relationships, careers and can even plague our ability to be the kind of spouses we could be.  This need to be affirmed in my filling the need; that if I fill voids I don’t have to address voids in my heart, mind and soul.

So I’ll ask you reader; do you live to be needed?  I know that as someone who isn’t a parent that I might be asking a huge question that I can’t comprehend the depth of as someone who is/has raised their child.  So that aside let’s chit chat.

What if constantly making ourselves needed is selfish and damages our hearts? Maybe it’s not about being valuable to others but is a matter of entitlement?  Is it toxic to our relationships if being needed affirms in our minds the value other people see in us?  Does it unjustly impose an unspoken requirement of others to constantly see how good we are?   In myself I can recognize my toxic neediness of being needed in how I only desire to do good things if I get the affirmation that I am doing it right.  It kinda stings to be honest about this, I truly do feel that I  can altruistically enjoy being helpful but I know that if I don’t check myself my soul could become unwell by being needed out of ambition to fill the void.

Do you feel unloved when your friends forget your birthday?  You get jealous of other peoples closeness to one another?  You’re never appreciated?  You resent loneliness? Are you often thinking of how unfair everything is?  Your kids didn’t come over again this weekend when you wanted them to so bad?  Maybe you’re in a place when you can begin to recognize how you can’t force your value on others and it’s time to stop being entitled to them needing you.

All of this ramble doesn’t mean checkout from what life calls you to take on everyday (or to take crap from people who diminish your value)  but maybe to do it in such a way that you are simply adding value as good as you can. Always do good!  Always love loving others!  Always be motivated!  Could you adjust your end goal for doing the right thing to not just be someone you would admire but rather to simply serve somebody else?   If we all stopped needing affirmation to decide to be good what would goodness look like in this world? Do what you need to do not because it makes you greater in the world but because it’s what our humanity cries out for us to accomplish.  You can do what’s needed without another soul seeing it be done.

When you’re doing a dang good job at being a spouse, parent, friend or employer you can stop needing to be patted on the back for it.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not need affirmation as much as you do for your self esteem?  What if you can see that you’re killing it at work not because your boss said so but because you know you went above and beyond on the job?  What if you know that you’re a good parent when your toddler is throwing a demon fit not because they adore you always but because you’re keeping that screaming creature freaking alive when it would roll out into traffic?  What if you’re being a good spouse not because they tell you everyday but you know that when they needed you that you were there to love them despite of all that went wrong?

Maybe I’m the only sitting on this bus of an epiphany and it all really is stinking simple!  This need to be needed being said (or typed) aloud is hard to admit about myself.  My hope is to encourage whoever needs to see within themselves the misaligned condition of their heart for why they do good and to consider steps toward being free of that nagging neediness to be needed.

Maybe you’re not needed and that’s alright.

Be well my friends,


That Authentic Joy

I started this blog with the intent of keeping the sole purpose of its contents to be parallels of my daily life and how it relates to fly fishing. The evolution of this project started with a honeymoon season of writing at least a blog post a week, taking a year off, losing my writing muscle and now trying to get back into the gym of a keyboard. My writing has also gone astray from that original intent and that’s alright. The four years since I’ve started fly fishing I got married, moved 4 times, started new jobs each time and have become much of what I am and am not proud of. The ebb and flow of life as a wife, a late twenties something, and a career drifter has revealed so much of who I am and where I see value in life. These years have changed my life more than the rest combined.

Tonight I’m thinking about revisiting the parallel of my life and my journey with fly fishing. I hope it finds cohesiveness somewhere in the words. I don’t really have a plan yet for this one.

When I wake up and know that I’m gonna go fishing that day I still get that feeling I got on Christmas morning when I was a little girl. Today could be the day that something amazing happens. Fly fishing just has that part of my heart that gets filled only when I feel that tension on the end of the line when a fish is running.

No matter when I feel my inadequacies as a woman with my flawed figure, the fear of failure with a job, the conviction of when I handled that argument wrong with my spouse; it all gets put into the proper perspective when I find myself in the water. Fly fishing is the one of the rare things that doesn’t take into account the score card I keep in my head of how I don’t measure up. My point in sharing all of this is that in these four years where I’ve done many things right and a lot wrong that each time I find myself walking toward a river bank with my fly rod it’s always been right. That Christmas morning feeling isn’t because of anything tangible I’m going to get but rather how my soul is going to feel when a day of fishing is done.

I guess in revisiting this it makes me realize that we can’t lose sight of the ways our souls become restored by immersing ourselves into something. Maybe for you it’s on a dirt bike, with a brush and easel, holding a guitar in your hands or having wine while enjoying a sincere conversation. Each of us has a part of our hearts that doesn’t need a person or an object but rather the unique way you can find yourself immersed in something that gives you authentic joy.

There’s not much a bell ringer for this post except the simple encouragement that if you’re feeling downtrodden by the weight that life has placed on you lately to remember what it is that gives you that authentic joy. Go for a run, enjoy a lazy morning with your spouse, dust the cobwebs off that favorite book or maybe also grab your fly rod and get out now that the sun is shining.

With lots of love,


Next Time You Want to Post That. . .


Raise your hand if you have seen an opinion shared in your news-feed in the last two hours.

All the hands raise.

How many of you had your lives changed by seeing that opinion?

No hands raise.

What makes you think your opinion is truly going to change the world from your social media platform?

This is when we all start yelling about social injustice, bigotry and how 50% of the country is alright with seeing children get slaughtered in schools.  It’s when you say that by taking away guns from good people that bad people will still have the guns and that will do nothing but leave good folks with no means for self defense.  Or it’s when you say that you’re the person aiming the barrel of a gun at a child for not wanting to revisit the 2nd amendment. It’s where we get passionate in fighting with strangers from behind our screens and get consumed with the fragile notion that somehow we’re truly making a difference with opinions.  It’s when we think the president can actually see how much we support or hate him by the unproductive argument we’re having with this acquaintance or stranger.

It’s when we demonize people that we don’t even know.  This argument is where you forget that the person on the other side of the screen is likely a person who has the same humanity, desire for happiness, children they adore and a hope for peace as you do.

I know that there isn’t a single good person out there (yes, we obviously got a few bad ones) who’s heart doesn’t bleed for the innocence murdered in the recent days within our country.  There isn’t a single parent who thinks “my opinion matters more than my baby’s life”.  Yet, we see anyone on the other side of our perspective as the evil doer incarnate because of who they voted or didn’t vote for.  We see the opposing arguer as a person who wants this evil to happen because they don’t see the sames means to a reckoning the way we do.  We see ourselves as perfect.

What if we paused for a second.  Before we think we are accomplishing justice by doing all we can to make another feel small that possibly we remember that there is a face to that opinion; maybe a face we wouldn’t say such visceral and demeaning words to if we were sitting across a table from them.

What if we remember that the world truly doesn’t care about what you think, especially on social media where you’re among the fray.  The fray of fear, anger and opinion.  Your voice doesn’t change anyone’s hearts when the intent is to prove them wrong.  It just doesn’t.  When can you recall a time when your heart was changed by someone saying “You’re wrong! You’re wrong! You’re wrong!”?

Let’s not be deceived that your opinion has power.  What does have power is remembering that you don’t control others.  You don’t influence them from this side of the screen.  You have the power to understand them and to grow in your perspective.  If that power isn’t good enough do something about it.  Run for legislature.  Visit with your politicians (because standing on a sidewalk with a sign is about as effective as posting from your page).  Pause before running your mouth at your opponent and ask questions instead.  Raise your kids within your beliefs and be blessed by their life.  If you’re afraid of this world stop reading this and Google ways to be empowered above that fear.  Stop wasting your value on spouting your truly worthless opinion.

I will end with the irony that this is my opinion on worthless opinions.  Remember where real value and power exists.  It exists within your interactions with others you share your days with.  It exists within your character and how you value people.  In your soul there’s actions steps to making a difference and it stops with just scrolling for a fight.  It ends when you discontinue to weaponize your words.

Please pause next time and remember that your opinion is just that.  Your small opinion.

With lots of love,


The Landscape of the Soul



So a month ago my husband and I found ourselves in New Zealand.  To call it a beautiful place is putting it mildly for rather it’s massive, rugged and has an untamed value that’s reflective to that of our home, Montana.  It was more than our own back yard so it gave an awe inspiring jolt with just about every corner we turned.

Tonight I’m thinking of one particular day when we were on the South Island in the Mount Cook region where the mountains that rose around us were as massive as the sky.  You’d be standing in rain-forest  where the sand flies were attempting to eat you alive while hearing parcels of glacier fall off and tear thunder throughout the lonely high places.  It was a place that made you feel the wilder side of your soul within you.

No, we didn’t climb Mount Cook itself but rather we climbed a smaller neighbor not far from it where you could set your eye on that beasty hill as much as you desired when you paused to catch some breath.  I’ll admit my lack of character revealed itself when our idea of a “short hike” was indeed a short distance of trek being no more than two miles however, it was 4000 vertical feet of difference between the bottom and our goal.  I was a little late to that morsel of information until I could see that the ladder like trail wasn’t a mere tough section of the path but rather the majority of the story.  Being a creature of average shape I was well aware of how my lack of working out prior to our trip was ungracefully revealing itself during the climb as my legs burned and I gulped air like I was drowning.

It’s funny to see it now but the miserable fun is the best kind.  When you are struggling mightily and yet have a goal you gotta reach, that’s the time you have a good story to remember when it’s over.

There was a point when you could feel yourself high above most other things.  We came to a ledge where all around you there was mountainside, persistent glaciers, and Mount Cook.  As we stood there and rested our eyes, I felt like I discovered a region of my being I had never touched before.  I think we all have felt this feeling in our special ways, for in each of us there’s a soul that is no other than ours so please don’t feel like you have to count yourself out of this conversation if you haven’t looked upon Mount Cook yet (but I so hope you do someday).  There was something that was awakened by my eyes resting on new places that will never change though I might never see them again.  As we let ourselves find new landscapes in which we feel alive, maybe those very places are the reflections of the epic souls within us.

I know this is way out there but my prayer is that I never neglect my soul to remaining undiscovered.  I hope that even in my own backyard, that I find my ways to let my soul be stirred whether it’s looking upon the massive reality of the wilderness around me, or from letting myself be known in a conversation with those I love the most.  I hope you know that you have something within you that is deeper than your worries, your responsibilities, your discontent and the lonely echo of what you haven’t touched.  Know that you have a landscape that is waiting to be discovered that no counterfeit of entertainment can touch.

We have an compelling need to understand the depth of our own souls.  That might be a concept that’s way out in the weeds of our daily lives in which we have all the push and pull of the demands of careers, bills and often the mundane.  But I think we feel a need, a vague hunger for knowing creation, ourselves and looking into and connecting with the depth that runs deep within us all.  It’s the reason that our desire for love, adventure and connection is ever restless and maybe unsatisfied.

What if we let ourselves feel the discomfort of new things so that we can better follow the paths into the wilder sights of what is in all of us?


Election Thoughts: The Rumble, Jolt and Surprise


We’re all shocked after the elections.  Some are truly happy, some are devastated and there are others that were lacking enthusiasm for however the results panned out either way.  But I think we all can agree that we are surprised by what’s happened.  What has been interesting isn’t the jolt that we’re going to have a presidency that will be dramatically different from what we’ve had maybe ever.  What’s surprising is the manner in which so many of us have handled the rumble.

I see statements that now America is putting behind a corrupt political system.  That if you voted democrat you are for corruption, murder and lies in the White House.  If you’re a democrat you’re okay with letting ISIS into our country via the southern border. Or if you voted republican that you are a misogynist, a racist, anti woman, homophobic and it’s likely you didn’t get a bachelors degree and you’re white. If you voted third party you’re sheeple, a self righteous purist, an idiot for throwing your vote away and it actually was a vote for the bad guy.

Congratulations, we all have been called things that are untrue.

I have some sincere questions and thoughts to share with you my dear reader for whom I have empathy and a deep respect for.  I get how exciting, joyful, apathetic and maddening it all is right now and I want nothing more than for you to feel heard. I know that your view matters greatly.  But I want you to consider how much your opinion matters.

Where do we consider drawing a line in the sand to rein in our opinions?  How much value is in the weight of your words and is it worth polarizing yourself from the other half of the country?

By your passion to let your voice be heard you’re enjoying the right we have to a voice as Americans and it’s at the cost of your respect for a significant portion of the people you share life with.  Here’s the hinge that this ramble is about.  Does your opinion cut you off from others?  If it does, is it seriously worth it?  If your opinion requires insults, belittlement and costing relationship with half of the country I’m sorry, but you are closed minded.  I find it genuinely confusing to see so many say that others need to have an open mind and yet after the election I see the very same people say that they will have nothing to do with anyone who voted for opponent of their favored candidate.

And finally, have you even considered how hard it is to hate someone and what their views are if you were looking them in the eye while trying to prove them wrong?

Don’t let this be the beginning of division.  Let this be an opportunity to stop commenting on every post that provides an opposing argument and instead suggest meeting that person across the table for coffee so you can find a window of understanding into how they formed that view.  Challenge yourself.  See if you can call someone a racist to their face after you take the time to really see them.  I’m thinking it would be tough to call someone an ISIS promoter if you found out why they feel the way they do.

Take the chance to see people.  Use this season as the means to become more loving, more empathetic and to not forget that the other half of the country that voted differently than you are authentic and good people for the most part.  They’re parents who want to see it better for their kids and grand kids.  They’re owners of that business you love in your community.  They’re your coworkers, employers and customers.  They’re your family.  Your children.  Each person despite of who they voted for is a chance to love and honor them for being as human as you are.

Handle the the surprise with grace.  Recognize the jolt and be humble.  See the goodness of so many people who are different than you.  Realize we’re all gonna grow from this.  See that as individuals we face the choice to make America be great not because it ever lost greatness but because we are what makes it such if we’re in it together.


With so much love,


Could I be the Hero?

DSC_1421.jpgThis morning I’m mulling over the idea of letting go of waiting on the heroic moments.  Letting go of waiting around for the character of a hero to suddenly appear within me.

I feel like I’m one to just hope that I’ll arrive to the character that I’m called to have and to just maintain that state of being effortlessly from there on.  Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive to such a state?  But what if we won’t?  That doesn’t dare mean to give up on becoming who we’re called to be.

Take for example the proclamation that you might have said to a partner, spouse or dear friend that goes “I would die for you”.  Those are some hearty words that have a lot of meat on the bones.  They bear weight.  They’re badass.  The thing is, for most of us it’s unlikely that our devotion would be put to the literal test of those words (and I pray that we never have to be so harshly tested).  Most will walk down life alongside others who we love without facing the challenge of taking a bullet for them.  No, we face the challenge of living for them.  When we say “I want to live for you” it doesn’t sound as epic as dying for them.  We even feel an inkling of dislike for that idea.  For me, my knee jerk response is to live for myself and if you’re kinda human like me, you’ll have the same adverse reaction to that as well.  The intimidating thing about choosing to live for others is that it’s not always certain they’ll reciprocate such a devotion. Sometimes sharing life is a bore if not a chore.  Wow, I didn’t mean to rhyme there but I’m keeping it!

I’m not speaking as if I know, but rather this blog is a bit personal processing for me here. So don’t assume you’ll read to the end and be able to enjoy the impeccable revelation of what it means to live for others perfectly.

I know we all will face those moments of where we must be the hero.  This could be the moment of forgiveness against a bitter wrong made against you.  It really could be taking a bullet.  Or maybe it’s starting the difficult but necessary conversation you’ve had on your heart for awhile.  If we are living with our necks our there even slightly we will have to face moments that require epic character.  But here’s something to consider.  What if we are waiting for our character to grow just as we are waiting to be heroes?  What if we are missing on pondering our character in the mundane and cultivating it there?  Maybe the big moments aren’t where the character is developed but merely proven.  What if we’re just living to prove ourselves?  I think we could be missing out if we aren’t careful.

We might want to consider the scary thought of having to be intentional in the daily to becoming a person of true character.  I don’t want to reach the end of my life realizing that I have mostly the character of a person I don’t admire because I didn’t put in the effort in the moments that counted but looked boring so I passed them by.

I feel that we have to let go of hoping to be a person of integrity in a moment of grandeur but instead take it seriously when we are at the office when the boss is away that week.  I feel that we might only have a handful of moments between now and our last breath where we could see that we were an epic hero and maybe even less than that.  My point is that your character matters now.  It matters today when you walk into work this morning.  It matters when you pick up the kids from school this afternoon. When you say ask for forgiveness from your spouse.  It’s in all of the mundane and unacknowledged moments.

My hope is to encourage you to know that who you are is only who you see in the mirror today.  We might never be a hero as we picture heroes but we can have a choice to build and grow heroic hearts every day. We always have the choice of character.

So with whatever you are living for, live it well my friend.

With so much love,